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Understanding a client’s network and security  is our prime focus at Secure Links.

For fifteen years, Secure Links has specialized in providing Information Security Solutions to many types of organizations both small and large across Canada.

Our team has developed a high level of focused gateway security expertise, proactive management, and monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Secure Links’ reputation for outstanding technical support gives our clients access to a team of experts who have been trained to assess, procure, implement, monitor and protect networks from both internal and external threats.

Secure Links protects your network and data across Canada.

A Digital Agency

Keeping up with the “Times” is a thing of the past! We are a digital agency that is always looking to the future and keeping one step ahead of our competitors. In this digital age it is our goal to stay on top of your every possible security concern. It’s not just what we do, we do it better!

Forward Thinking

At Secure Links we don’t just keep up with the Jones’ we set the pace! Our ANSWR™ solution proves that. Always one step ahead we strive to be the Top in all aspects of your digital peace of mind when it comes to your network security.

Problem Solvers

Got a problem? The only way to fix that is to ask. Our team of professionals is always ready for new challenges and we make your problem ours, and problems are no problem for us at Secure Links.

Customer Support

Anyone can promise customer support but is it really there? We offer you around-the-clock support whether it’s on-line or over the phone, our team is here for you because we’re only successful when you are!

Our History

Secure Links was founded in January 2003 with the acquisition of the network group from two companies known for being innovative solution providers and developers — Sea Change Corporation and Qnetix Inc.

Sea Change Corporation, the original developer of the BorderWare Firewall, was founded in 1986. Sea Change was a developer, supporter, and reseller of Internet, network and network security products.

Qnetix Inc. focused primarily on network management. Qnetix wanted to expand their management services into network security. The company achieved this by purchasing SeaChange Corporation. The marriage of the two companies then became known as Secure Links.

Products and Services

Secure Links specializes in networking, and network security including:

Wireless,   Next Generation Firewalls,   UTM,   VPN,   Network Access Control,   Load Balancing,   Application Optimization,   Intrusion Prevention,   Strong Authentication,   SIEM,   SOAR,   SOC, Compliance,   Anti-Virus,   Email Spam,   Data Loss Prevention,   Encryption.

Our services include:

Technical Support,    Deployment,    Management,    Reporting,    Monitoring, Training,    Vulnerability Assessments,    Penetration Testing,   Compliance Assistance,   along with various cloud services.

Meet Our Leadership

Norman Hartshorne

Norman Hartshorne


As an early developer of network management programs, I have been a dedicated advocate of professional network security services for over 20 years. I am passionate about developing strong partnerships with our clients and technology colleagues to create unique network security strategies that keep every organization’s data and critical infrastructure safe.

“We understand network security is a fine line”

Too many organizations are sold product that they either don’t use because they are not properly tailored to an organizations real needs, or they don’t have the time or expertise to manage the solutions they purchased.  The truth is Next Gen, UTM firewalls, and SIEMs are extremely powerful solutions that when properly delivered, and managed can have a huge impact to an organization in terms of providing increased productivity through visibility, and security.

“Secure Links has invested in creating a proactive in-tune network security group”

In 1998 we partnered with our first managed customer.  Along with numerous other customers, that original relationship is still in place today.  Over the years we have learned that management is not merely making changes and providing updates to firewalls, it is all about utilizing our experience to make sure we are filling security gaps and providing the customer with a true view of their network security posture.

Norman was a member of senior management teams at Qnetix Inc. and Sea Change Corporation. He holds a B.A. in Computer Science from York University.

Paul Thresher

Paul Thresher

VP, Technical Operations

With experience in consulting and management, technical support, training and installation procedures, we have been able to provide successful IT solutions for our client’s network security concerns. As the principal developer of CareSafe Network Management Software, I was directly involved in the development and design of security monitoring and reporting tools that help keep networks safe.

Paul is a graduate of Computer Engineering Technology at Algonquin College. Paul is also a Certified Security Expert

Timely Support

Prompt and to the point in the most efficient way! You need help and you need it now! Don’t wait on others when you can get results faster and quicker with Secure Links! Down time is a downer — we believe the sooner a problem is resolved, the better it is for business.

Innovative Ideas

Always keeping one step ahead of our peers, our team is always looking for newer and better ways to serve you. We are able to customize a network security solution that will also fit your budget.

Advanced Technology

Our ANSWR™ Network Surveillance tool is just one of the ways we stay ahead of all the rest. With more and more technology comes the need for quick and precise thinking, and that just comes naturally for us

Clear Communication

Worried you won’t know all the “lingo” associated with this ever-evolving technology? No worries. At Secure Links we turn computer mumbo jumbo into plain terms. Pure, clean and concise so you’ll know what we mean and how you’re being protected. We’re upfront, honest and truly on YOUR side.