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Fortinet SD-WAN

Software-defined WAN from Fortinet

Fortinet’s SD-WAN  Solution

Today’s distributed organizations typically spend a lot of time and resources on overly complicated security deployments that may not even be effective.  As bandwidth requirements continue to increase at an alarming rate, many organizations are moving from MPLS to the Internet to increase bandwidth and reduce costs. In addition, groups within enterprises are directly accessing cloud applications. Both of these trends raise serious security concerns.

It doesn’t have to be complicated to deploy and manage the right security in all the right places. Fortinet’s  Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) essentially links network and security paths across the world through the Internet or private WAN links, making it a truly borderless infrastructure for any organization. In addition, it provides application visibility and intelligent load balancing. Consolidation and control of network security features in a centralized environment simplifies administration.

Multiple security features are commonly applied including firewall policies, application control services, VPN, intrusion prevention services, and antivirus services.   Organizations are likely to deploy advanced features in small offices as well, such as SSL inspection, CASI, cloud sandbox, and even DNS proxies.

Increase Network Performance

Fortinet SD WAN intelligently balances Internet and intranet traffic across multiple WAN connections to lower bandwidth costs and keep users connected. It offers easy-to-use multi-WAN management and a flexible policy-based performance management system.

Keep Costs Down

Fortinet provides high-performance connectivity with:

Increased Internet access performance with broadband or leased line aggregation

Optimized traffic distribution and automatic failover for business continuity

Outbound and inbound link load balancing across up to 50 links


Quick addition or removal of bandwidth with inbound access load balancing

Superior visibility and control

Control applications, users, and devices
Get deep visibility into network traffic
Easily set granular policy controls

Intelligent link load balancing

Balance traffic across multiple links to ensure continuity

Per application; user load balancing
Get link status and usage visualization

Hyperscale management

With FortiManager, you can automate device provisioning and maintain universal policy across 10,000 devices. It drastically reduces management costs, simplifies configuration, and accelerates deployment cycles. FortiDeploy enables zero-touch deployment.

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