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Email Security

Next Generation Email Security

It’s a known fact that there’s absolutely nothing that can ruin your workday faster than opening up an inbox full of questionable emails and outright spam content. Fortunately, you don’t have to wade through this potential hazardous digital content anymore, all thanks to Secure Link’s Stream and Clean email service.

As part of a comprehensive blockade against spam and next-generation threats, this service provides even the smallest startup organization with advanced protection and shielding that is comparable to the systems implemented by large corporations and government departments.

The best part about the Stream and Clean email service? Your organization gets access to this leading security functionality for a surprisingly low monthly rate. Simply put, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more efficient and effective way to protect your inbox.

Easing the burden on your budget via the low monthly subscription rate.
Gain Visibility and Control of Email Cloud Services such as Office 365

With over 20 years of experience under our belts, and using the latest technology available the Secure Links team guarantees one of the highest spam & virus catch rates on the market alongside  comprehensive coverage including: antispam, antiphishing, anti-malware, sandboxing, data loss prevention (DLP), encryption, and message archiving

How This Service Works

It’s actually a fairly simple two-step process.

  1. First, we STREAM your email to our Content Security Servers as it comes in from around the web.
  2. Then, we CLEAN these messages via a systemic approach that weeds out any potentially harmful offerings or other security offenders.

All you have to do after this quick and straightforward filtering process is sit back and enjoy your incoming emails knowing your emails are safe from:

  • Phishing  & Impostor Emails
  • Advance Malware & APTs
  • Spam & Bulk Mail
A robust combination of proactive detection and mitigation, actionable threat insight and easy, integrated deployment. No hardware or software to purchase or install with this product.
A commitment to consistent patch maintenance, industry-leading technical support, and expedient troubleshooting procedures creates a strong and productive bond between your organization and our dedicated team of experts.
A viable alternative to McAfee/MX Logic & Watchguard XCS
Thanks to the redundant connectivity, power, and climate control amenities of the world class datacenter that hosts our servers, you’ll never have to fret over downtime or failed cleaning with this email security service.
Letting us handle your email gives the IT team at your company the ability to shift their focus to other in-house issues and concerns

FREE 30-DAY TRIAL. You can now see what is getting past your mail defense at no risk, and at no obligation

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