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Advanced Firewall Services

Managed Firewall Services

As the ultimate defense against outside intrusions, it’s safe to say that your firewall is a device that’s integral to the success of your brand in the online world. This tool keeps your company’s sensitive and valuable data protected from a wide range of external attacks initiated by enterprising cyber thieves, including phishing schemes, targeted assaults, advance malware, APT’s, 0-Day Exploits, and other cyber threats.

Organizations of all sizes are struggling to meet their need for better, faster, more cost-effective cybersecurity. At the same time, the threat landscape is becoming ever more daunting. Today’s cybercriminals are well financed and have an increased capacity to build and deliver custom, sophisticated attacks designed specifically to evade detection. Custom hacking tools have made it easier, faster, and less expensive for hackers to execute successful targeted attacks against companies

Asking the Tough Questions about Your Current Firewall Situation

Before you sign up for the purchase and installation of a new device, it’s important to ask yourself a few key questions about your current firewall situation. Otherwise, you might make a decision that’s less than optimal when it comes to the continued safety and protection of your brand’s network and data.

“Does my team have the time and security expertise to ensure we receive the most advanced protection and performance from our firewall device?”

Maintaining a firewall properly can tax the resources of IT teams and less experienced individuals, as well as open up loopholes and exploits if you’re not familiar with industry best practices and safety guidelines.

“How long can we afford to be down if the firewall fails?”

In the event of a firewall breakdown, is your business prepared to handle the negative impact of this event? Conducting a potential damage assessment projection can show how catastrophic this scenario can be for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

“Are firewall policies and reports being reviewed on an ongoing basis?

Firewalls definitely don’t fall into the classification of “set it and forget it” assets. Failing to review the health of your system and keep this infrastructure up to date is as good as an open invitation to external threats.

“Do we have a security expert available to us when we need it?

Due to our specialization, we are in a position to provide highly skilled engineers, properly configured technology, and around-the-clock monitoring and management to mitigate risks.

Figuring out the Plan That Works for Your Brand

As far as figuring out which firewall plan works for your business, Secure Links offers two high quality plans that cater to your specific IT situation.

Secure Links Full Management and Hardware Assurance Plan

The full management and hardware assurance plan provides access to subscription-based support, management, and guaranteed hardware infrastructure, all as part of a risk-free, affordable monthly agreement. By keeping this plan open and flexible, we can scale the amount of coverage and hardware you need up or down, all without unnecessary penalties and fees.

Secure Links Full Management Plan

For those of you who already have firewall hardware that you want to use, but you still need a team of experts to manage and maintain this system, the full management plan offers up the perfect fit for your situation. Again, this service is customizable and flexible, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll always get the coverage and support your company needs.




Configuration Changes


Endpoint Vulnerability Management


Monthly Reporting


LIVE Monitoring


Network Traffic Monitoring


Policy Reviews

Going a Step Farther with Optional Service Additions

Speaking of customization, we also offer the following optional services that you can pick and choose from to create your own unique firewall management solution:



Vulnerability Assessments


Data Loss Prevention


Traffic Management


Patch Upgrade Program


Intrusion Protection


Web Filtering

Firewall Management remains an organization’s primary network defense – but it is easy to get wrong.

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