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The CloudSOC™ Platform

The Elastica CloudSOC platform enables companies to confidently leverage cloud applications and services while staying safe, secure and compliant. Leveraging advanced data science and machine learning, CloudSOC taps real-time user traffic, native SaaS APIs and other data sources to provide a single pane of glass for monitoring and controlling your SaaS apps.

Elastica Overview

Elastica CloudSOC™ is a unique platform that enables transaction level security for your cloud apps and services by combining data science, machine learning, real-time traffic processing, insightful visualization and intuitive controls.


Identify Compliance Risks


Remediate Data Exposures


Prevent Breaches


Shadow Data Risk Assessment


Elastica Securlets are standalone security applications on the CloudSOC platform that provide advanced security functionality for specific SaaS applications. They can be deployed on their own or in combination with any of the Elastica Apps.

Gain Granular Visibility


Prevent Data Loss


Block Threats

The Elastica Gateway is a cloud-based transparent gateway that can perform traffic decryption and inline inspection of user account activities without breaking SaaS app functionality.


Real-time traffic analysis of granular user activities

Machine learning based threat detection


Content classification for compliance


Enforcement of data governance and account activity based security policies

Leveraging Elastica’s unique StreamIQ™ technology, our apps continuously analyze user transactions to provide:

Auditing of Shawdow IT

Real-time detection of threats

Protection against intrusions and compliance violations

Investigation of historical account activity for post incident analysis

No Cost, No Commitment Shadow IT & Shadow Data Risk Assessment

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Cloud Services Risk Assessment Report
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Identify Externally and Publicly Exposed Data In Your Cloud Apps
Identify compliance Violations including Documents Containing PII, PHI, PCI
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Automate Exposure Remediation
Set Policy to Prevent Future Exposures
Access to a cloud App Security Specialist