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Sensitive Data is Everywhere So Are We

Sensitive data is everywhere. And in a complex and evolving climate of advanced threats, virtualization, regulatory mandates, and mobility, organizations are taking a data-centric approach to protect and control their sensitive information.

Protecting Your Data

Gemalto offers the only complete portfolio of identity and data protection solutions that provides protection of sensitive information at all critical points in its lifecycle. From the datacenter to the cloud, Gemalto helps organizations remain protected, compliant and in control, no matter where their business takes them.

Gemalto Solutions

In today’s digital world, data is at the core of every aspect of our lives. The way that data is created, accessed, and shared is constantly evolving. As this data moves into more complex environments, building strategic protection and trust is more critical for organizations than ever before. You may not know it, but Gemalto is already protecting you. From your morning coffee, to the movies you stream, to the songs you download. For over 30 years, Gemalto’s SafeNet Identity and Data Protection solutions have been trusted to protect the world’s most sensitive data for the world’s most valuable brands. It’s about time we met.

Extend Protection Across the Datacenter

Gemalto enables you to protect and control sensitive data as it expands in volume, type and location, while improving compliance and governance visibility and efficiencies through centralized management and policy enforcement. Gemalto’s comprehensive portfolio of encryption and tokeniz- ation solutions holistically addresses security and compliance of sensitive data in applications, databases, file servers and mainframes, with central management that improves protection, control and visibility over all your data and systems.

Product Portfolio

• SafeNet KeySecure                         • SafeNet Ethernet Encrption
SafeNet ProtectDB
SafeNet ProtectApp
SafeNet ProtectFile
SafeNet Tokenization

Secure Sensitive Data in Storage Archives

Gemalto helps you protect growing volumes of archived data from theft and loss while retaining compliance and control over your sensitive data in storage archives. Gemalto’s secure storage solutions protect growing volumes of archived data with transparent, fast, compliant, network-based encryption, and provide strong access control mechanisms and integrated, centralized key management for separation of duties, policy enforcement and auditing.

Product Portfolio

• SafeNet StorageSecure                • SafeNet KeySecure

Turn Any Cloud Into a Trusted Environment

Gemalto delivers industry-first, high-assurance solutions for virtualized data protection and compliance. From virtualized datacenters to private, hybrid, and multi-tenant public clouds, Gemalto provides full ownership and control of sensitive data in any cloud or virtualized environment. With Gemalto, customers can reap the benefits of virtualization while they protect sensitive data and remain compliant with regulations and internal security policies.

Product Portfolio

• SafeNet ProtectV
• SafeNet KeySecure
• SafeNet vKeySecure
• SafeNet Hardware Security Modules

Establish a Root of Trust for Sensitive Data

As the use of encryption grows, key management is rapidly becoming a critical requirement for the enterprise—helping organizations establish centralized control over data and keys, and reduce cost, complexity and sprawl. Built on the KMIP standard, Gemalto delivers high-assurance solutions for key management that help customers protect and control their data, address and respond to regulatory requirements, and get the most value out of their investments. Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provide an additional high-performance, high-assurance trust anchor for encryption keys, and an easy-to-integrate application and transaction security solution for the enterprise.

Product Portfolio

Hardware Security Modules              • SafeNet KeySecure
SafeNet Luna SA                                        • SafeNet vKeySecure
SafeNet Luna EFT                                      • SafeNet Crypto Command Center
SafeNet Luna PCI-E
SafeNet ProtectServer
SafeNet Luna G5

Control Access and Protect Identities

Positioned in the Leader’s Quadrant of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Authentication, Gemalto helps customers control and manage identities and transactions, and secure access across the enterprise –from networks and systems to mobile devices and cloud applications. Gemalto’s authentication solutions are future-ready, offering the broadest range of authentication options, single-platform management and delivery either on-premise or “as a service.”

Product Portfolio

• SafeNet Authentication-as-a-Service
• SafeNet Authentication Manager
• SafeNet Authentication Manager Express
• eToken hardware tokens and smartcards (certificate-based, OTP, transaction signing, hybrid)
• MobilePASS software-based OTP tokens

Gemalto Identity and Data Protection solutions.

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