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The Security Dilemma

Seventy-nine percent of information security officers think human error is the root cause of information security failures according to a 2007 Deloitte & Touche survey. Security awareness training was one of the top-three information security incentives for 2007.

The problem is that current training methods are not effective; the training doesn’t stick.

Busy schedules, information overload, and long gaps between training make it difficult for employees to learn the security information they need. And even when they do, over time, the impact of training fades.

The Security Mentor Difference

Security Mentor’s innovative approach provides the solution: brief, frequent and focused online sescurity awareness training. Security Mentor training is designed for how people learn and function in today’s working environment.

Learning is most successful when attention is focused on small bites of targeted information that are reinforced over time. This is especially true in today’s workplace. The adult attention span is 12 to 15 minutes. On average, employees get interrupted every 11 minutes and switch to a new task every 3 minutes. Today’s learning must fit this business reality.

Security Mentor’s engaging, interactive, rich media lessons are created in Flash and instructionally designed to increase retention by creating memorable experiences through the use of real-world-situations, stories, problem-solving, and serious games. Lesson content is relevant to the workplace and developed by CISA-and CISSP-certified information security professionals.

Web-based training can be accessed when and where it is most convenient for employees and employers, increasing participation and reducing cost.

Security Mentor’s Overview

Our company is committed to on goal: to create effective, innovative security awareness training that reduces our customes’ security risk. Security Mentor’s singular focus on online security awareness training is what differentiates us. We are certified security professionals who work with experts in instructional design and interactive multimedia design to create truly effective training.

Security Mentor Training Model

Brief: 10 minute lessons fit busy schedules

Frequent: Monthly lessons keep security top of mind

Focused: Single-topic lessons are easy to learn and remember

The Security Mentor Difference


Engaging Rich media captures attention

Interactive Trainees learn by doing

Memorable Compelling games and real-world scenarios

Relevant Created by certified IT security professional

Flexible Web-base training anytime, anywhere

Security Mentor CORE

Trains employees in the 12 most critical security awareness topics quickly, economically and effectively. Lessons are delivered monthly including:

Intro to Security Awareness

Computer Security

Email Security

Reporting Incidents


Office Security


Social Networking

Web Security

Public WiFi

Mobile Security

Information Protection

Security Mentor ADVANCE

Addresses other challenging security issues your employees face with a follow-up curriculum of six lessons:

Social Engineering

Acceptable Use

Safe Disposal

IoT (Internet of Things)

Insider Threat


Working Remotely

Travel Security

Cloud Security

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Security Mentor’s web-based training is offered either as SCORM-compliant modules hosted on your internal Learning management System (LMS), or as a service from Security Mentor using our custom LMS. Regardless of how training is delivered, lesson progress and completion is tracked and reported. Managers can view reports of training status by company, group or trainee, and training status reports can be exported in common file formats. Content is customizable and brandable.