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The Student Safety Company

Keeping kids safe wherever they’re connected.
We provide online protection to kids at school, in the classroom, and at home.

Enhanced Filtering & Visibility

With web filtering, cyberbullying monitoring, and self-harm alerts, Securly provides districts the eyes and the ears they need to maintain safety at all times, across different schools, and different devices. Technology evolves rapidly, so schools need solutions that meet the dangers kids face today, right now.


Cloud-based web filtering

What doesn’t it do? Our 1:1 cloud-based web filter maintains an age-appropriate internet, monitors for bullying and helps schools remain CIPA-compliant.


A safer G Suite experience

Schools are alerted when students are in trouble. Alerts are triggered when bullying or the risk of self-harm or suicide is detected across Gmail.


End violence with a tip

Students can take a stand against violence by sending anonymous tips over phone, text, or email. Tipline keeps tipsters safe and puts bullies on alert.

Device Management

Managing the student experience at the device level is the most effective way to keep students safe online. That’s why having an education-specific Mobile Device Management system (MDM) like SchoolMDM is so important. The acquisition of TechPilot Labs, the leading provider of K-12 MDM, brings this education-focused approach to Securly with solutions for managing Apple devices and Chromebooks alike.


Designed for Education

MDM for all Apple platforms, plus powerful classroom management tools for teachers. Unique features like teacher app request and approval workflows, plus its parent portal make SchoolMDM the ideal choice for K-12 environments.


Track Missing Chromebooks

Free to all districts, FindMyChromebooks helps locate & recover lost or stolen Chromebooks. Use with SchoolMDM or ChromeTools to manage all devices through a single interface.

AI + Human Common Sense

The world is nowhere near knowing the full potential of technology, but Securly also recognizes its limitations. Through risk analysis of automated alerts, AI and real people work together to keep students safe online, in class, and at school.


Safety round-the-clock

2am on a Sunday? If a child’s in danger, 24 makes sure someone knows. AI sends alerts to a trained team for risk assessment. If a threat exists, we act now.