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The UCOPIA solutions bring a new dimension to the Wi-Fi infrastructures by reenforcing the security of both user and organization while focusing on the simplicity of use and administration. The user journey is straight-forward and friendly as the user is immersed into the universe of the organization through a fully customizable portal that can be adapted to the brand’s graphic charter. Administration remains simple even while handling up to thousands of concurrent users in large projects. Besides, the UCOPIA solutions can transform the cost of the Wi-Fi infrastructure into a possible revenue thanks to their analytics and monetization features.


UCOPIA integrates the most important security features for Wi-Fi authentication and can interface with any type of internal directory. It offers simple access by Web portal for visitors and RADIUS server authentication to ensure the highest level of security to employees in a corporate environment. Each internet user receives a profile that defines his or her access rights and connection periods assuring that it is easy for staff and visitors to have the access they need, when they need it. All internet connections are automatically saved in a simple SQL database for easy recovery and exploitation. A native URL filtering mechanism makes it simple to define access by profiles.


With more than 80% of the workforce bringing personal devices to the office and many companies hoping to put BYOD policies into place, device management can become a headache. UCOPIA provides a simple answer to the problem of user account management by associating each user profile to a device type and then defining different access rights for each device.

Since visitor and personal devices are rarely pre-configured to automatically connect to the network, UCOPIA makes the job easy by letting users connect and access network resources with zero configuration, no prior installation, and no need for technical support. IP addressing, internet proxies, email and more can be handled automatically for all users. Web access through a favorite social media makes forgetting passwords a worry of the past. By picking up the UCOPIA mobile app in the app store, connecting on smartphones is a breeze as well.


Transforming Wi-Fi from expense to revenue generator is now a real and exciting possibility for all businesses. Through UCOPIA’s powerful data collection capabilities, businesses can send targeted marketing offers and push-advertising to user devices, use Wi-Fi data to better understand customers’ needs and create statistics with in-depth social and marketing action-based data tracking.

For the hospitality sector, UCOPIA fully integrates with PMS systems to make sure that the wireless access is as simple as possible for hotel staff while making sure that finding a Wi-Fi password is the last thing on a guest’s mind. UCOPIA also offers a selection of online payment services like PayPal and Ingenico Payment Services to let visitors or guests self-register and benefit from a paid wireless access if desired.


UCOPIA allows administrators to stay in control of their network using a simple online administration tool. They can see who is connected and what applications are in use in real-time, check out user analytics and produce automatic statistics reports instantly or send them via email, all without ever leaving the interface.

Administrators have the option to split their wireless access into zones, defining access rights and limitations for each area. Free access, time-credit access, bandwidth limitations and blocked access are all possibilities that can be managed simply with a UCOPIA solution in place. A centralized service management platform (UWS) allows for remote monitoring and administration.


To ensure high-availability and high-performance (number of concurrent connections), UCOPIA provides a powerful clustering mechanism based on redundancy and load-balancing. This guarantees the availability of the solution in the event of a problem with one box. The load distribution between boxes allows you to respond to the requirements of any increase in load which is particularly important in large venues such as stadiums or event centers.

UCOPIA Overview

UCOPIA develops solutions enabling mobile users, employees, visitors and guests to connect securely and seamlessly to public and private Wi-Fi networks. UCOPIA is a complete, highly scalable solution to manage tens of thousands of Wi-Fi concurrent access while leveraging the Wi-Fi audience to increase customer engagement and create new revenue opportunities. 10,000+ UCOPIA solutions have been deployed serving various industries including enterprise, public venues, retail, government organizations and more.



UCOPIA Express is mainly aimed at small organizations (Hotels, SMB, Clinics, Schools…)


As every business has its needs, find out how UCOPIA can answer to your needs with our Industry Solutions brochure.


UCOPIA Advance product line provides all of the UCOPIA functionalities and is intended for medium to large projects.


UCOPIA Product line includes physical and virtual solutions that can be deployed on Premise or centralized. The UCOPIA Express solution offers a comprehensive yet simple-to-manage solution that is well suited for small or medium sized companies – up to 2000 concurrent users. The UCOPIA Advance solution is designed for complex network environments and provides consistent performance for the most challenging of network installations. It is intended for medium to large organizations and Service Providers – up to 100 000 simultaneous users.

UCOPIA Wi-Fi Analytics offers the opportunity to utilize user data and monetize services with an easy to use dashboard and monetization tools. UCOPIA Wi-Fi Marketing allows marketing campaign. The Wi-Fi users’ connection and browser is used as a base to insert customizable banners into its screen.

  • Mobile Internet Traffic that be over Wi-Fi 80% 80%
  • of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices 60% 60%
  • of mobile traffic will be handled by Wi-Fi by 2018 80% 80%


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