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What is Next-Generation Antivirus?

Next Generation Antivirus (#NGAV) So, you have your long-trusted ANTIVIRUS (AV) software and think your system is as safe as all the gold in Fort Knox and no hacker is getting through to your most valuable information. You may believe there’s no need to spend any more...

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How To Protect Yourself From Phishing

Hook, Line and Sinker Tips to prevent hackers from phishing for a way to access your personal or business information   There’s no coincidence that infiltrating confidential internet and digital files is called “phishing” Hackers know how to bait the hook and...

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Fortinet Fortigate Multi Wan Basic Setup and Tips

Fortinet FortiGate firewalls offer multiple Internet support with flexibility in how the different Internet connections are utilized. There are 2 different ways to configure a multi WAN setup on the firewall which is determined by what is required for the Internet...

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Replacing Microsoft TMG with Fortinet Fortigates

What Microsoft TMG services can a FortiGate replace? Many of you may have Microsoft’s TMG server in place, and since this is End-of-Life, some of you may be wondering if a FortiGate appliance can take on the functions. For the most part, the answer is YES! Here’s a...

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